Thursday, February 15, 2018

#DeepState Saboteurs In The Department of Justice

Deep State members of the #TheResistence inside the Department of Justice (DOJ) have struck again to thwart the immigration policy of President Donald J. Trump, and supposedly of the Attorney General, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III.  I say supposedly because the saboteurs in the DOJ work under Sessions' supervision and could not conduct their campaign to thwart deportation of even criminal aliens without his assent.  The problem with Sessions appears to be getting worse, despite some empty talk.  It appears that Sessions has no control over either the attorneys that populate the various U.S. Attorney's Offices nor the immigration bureaucracy in the DOJ, in particular the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), one of the culprits in the Deep State identified previously

First, the local U.S. Attorney's Offices who are aiding criminal aliens.  In the case of Ravi Ragbir, scheduled to be deported last Saturday, the DOJ intervened to rescue Ragbir from deportation.  While previously your correspondent identified an ICE official, Thomas Decker, as the saboteur who connived to get Ragbir released, it appears that Decker worked with DOJ attorneys to protect Ragbir, for no DOJ attorney would agree to halt a scheduled deportation without consent from the deciding official from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), the deportation folks at DHS.

With just hours to go before his scheduled Saturday deportation, immigration rights leader Ravi Ragbir sued the federal government on First Amendment grounds and won a temporary stay of removal.
"Like so many people who are living in this country under the threat of deportation, I know how important it is to raise our voices against the injustices in the system," Ragbir said in a statement.
"This lawsuit is not just about me, it is about all of the members of our community who are speaking out in our struggle for immigrant rights," the Brooklyn-based activist said.
In court paperwork dated Thursday, federal prosecutors agreed to postpone Ragbir's deportation until a follow-up court ruling in the case that's not expected until at least mid-March.
[Immigrant Rights Activist Ravi Ragbir Granted Temporary Stay Of Deportation The Day Before His Scheduled Removal, By Victoria Bekiempis and Nancy Dillon, New York Daily News, February 9, 2018]

So, without justification, the attorneys working for Sessions agreed to postpone the deportation of a criminal alien with an outstanding deportation order so the criminal alien could pursue a hopeless lawsuit claiming he can't be deported because he is a public illegal alien.  Ragbir's claim is absurd on the face of it and the DOJ just legitimized the specious claim that ICE deports criminal aliens only if they speak up in public.  This is sabotage.  And unnecessary as the previous judicial order to halt Ragbir's deportation has expired.  There was nothing stopping the deportation, except saboteurs in ICE and the DOJ.

Second, the notorious BIA struck again to prohibit the deportation of another illegal alien, this time an illegal alien who had twice overstayed a non-immigrant visa.  More shocking is as to why this man and his wife were issued visitor's visas after a previous overstay and subsequent deportation.  But one issue at a time.  This time the BIA again interfered with an outstanding deportation order for no reason whatsoever.

In a wild day that saw immigration authorities put him on a plane headed for Hawaii, an immigration appeals board halted the deportation of Lawrence resident Syed Jamal, whose case has become an international cause celebre.
The move came after an immigration judge on Monday cleared the way for Jamal’s deportation after denying motions to reopen Jamal’s case and dissolving a stay that he granted last week.
Jamal’s lawyers immediately filed an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals in Virginia, which granted Jamal a new stay of removal. By then, Jamal was in the air after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) removed him from a deportation staging facility in El Paso, Texas, and put him on a plane.
“They put him on the plane, they told it to take off, before we had gotten the judge’s decision,” Michael Sharma-Crawford, one of Jamal’s attorneys, told KCUR.
The stay by the Board of Immigration Appeals was valid only because the plane had to land in Hawaii for refueling. If that had not occurred, Jamal’s case in immigration court would have effectively ended.
[Immigration Appeals Board Halts Deportation Of Lawrence Resident Syed Jamal, By Frank Morris, Dan Margolies, and Andrea Tudhope, KCUR, February 12, 2018]

There was no reason, other than sabotaging immigration enforcement, for the BIA to reopen this two-time loser Jamal's case.  He has no legal option to remain in the United States.  Not mentioned is that his wife is also an illegal alien, who has not been arrested for some reason.  The BIA was just thumbing its nose at President Trump and laughing at Attorney General Sessions, who refused to supervise the BIA as is his authority.  Today, Sessions could overrule the BIA and allow ICE to deport Jamal.  However, for some reason Sessions is reluctant to take appropriate action when the BIA uses ideology to protect illegal aliens rather than the law.  

Time for Sessions to step up and impose his will on the DOJ in the area of immigration.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Is DHS HQ Reading Federale?

The organization of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is finally getting the attention it deserves.  The organization of DHS is a wonky issue, and even my patrons at VDare find it unappealing to its readership.  This correspondent however thinks that while a little inside baseball, it is an issue of the utmost importance; it concerns who runs the components of DHS, many of which have too much independence from adult supervision and are actively sabotaging the Trump Administration enforcement agenda.  This sabotage was expounded upon before Donald J. Trump was elected, but who was presented with not just a warning, but a plan to put the knee on the throat of the saboteurs.  [President Trump Will Have Foes In Immigration Bureaucracy—But Also Friends. They Can Help Him Win, by Federale, VDare, April 25, 2016]  Prior to this posting and after, the deeper issue of the problems and opportunities presented by the creation of DHS by the Homeland Security Act of 2002 was addressed in a number of blog post, starting with the most substantial and summarizing the problems with the end result of the legislation and the blunders by the Jorge Bush Administration concerning DHS' components and organization.  [RINOs Rush To Legitimize The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, by Federale, Federale Blog, August 7, 2014]  Others here, here, and here.

It now appears that the Trump Administration sees there are serious problems with the components and immigration enforcement within DHS.  However, what problems they see is unclear from the reporting, but appears to be a concern that components are not playing well together.

Lack of cohesion at the Department of Homeland Security is creating vulnerability and some confusion in the national security framework, DHS officials told Congress on Wednesday.
The department’s deputy secretary, Elaine Duke, told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affair that the disunity in the department stems from the multiple offices which comprise it and a lack of intradepartmental communication and funding.
Duke said that addressing these issues requires full congressional support for passage of the Department of Homeland Security Authorization Act of 2017.
[Lack of Cohesion at Homeland Security Sowing Vulnerabilities, Officials Say, by Brandy Buchman, Courthouse News, February 7, 2018]

While the article was vague on the problems, the Senators mentioned in the article were more concerned about real and imagined unrelated faults at DHS unrelated to full performance of immigration enforcement, such as recruiting, the Muslim ban implementation, and failure by USCIS to implement electronic systems.

At the same time, Republicans in the House are more interested in micromanaging the issue and naming of cyber security components, far from the core mission of DHS, which is immigration law enforcement.

It’s taken “too long” for Congress to reauthorize the Homeland Security Department, the department’s chief House overseer said Monday, arguing it’s “demoralizing” for agencies to work for years on end without Congress’s official backing.
The House passed legislation to reauthorize the department for the first time in its 15-year history in July...
A separate McCaul bill that would reorganize and rename that cybersecurity and infrastructure protection division also passed the House in December. The bill would change the division’s name from the National Protection and Programs Directorate to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA.
[It’s Taking Too Long to Reauthorize DHS, House Homeland Chair Says, by Joseph Marks, NextGov, February 5, 2018]

There is a clue to the problem that the Trump Administration sees, though it is not certain that they understand the full extent of the problem with #TheResistence and saboteurs in the components in DHS such as Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  We have a clue though that someone at DHS sees a problem with the fragmented components of immigration enforcement; ICE SVU (Homeland Security Investigations, HSI), ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations, U.S. Border Patrol, CBP Field Operations (inspections at Ports-of-Entry, and USCIS (benefits).

Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Elaine Duke told a roomful of Border Patrol agents and national law enforcement officers Wednesday that the department will no longer "segregate" interior immigration enforcement and border security.
"We used to distinguish between border security and interior enforcement. Now we’re lumping it all under border security," Duke told hundreds of Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol, and related sub-DHS agencies at the Border Security Expo. "We don’t believe we can segregate and say we’re going to look at the physical border, even at the border, ports of entry, between ports of entry, and then the interior piece. That’s all part of the system."
The shift is a sign that DHS will be looking to use any border security funding it gets in the evolving immigration deal to boost interior enforcement. Duke said if DHS got the $25 billion increase for border security, it would go toward "building capacity in all those areas," in addition to building the border wall.
Duke said she envisions using those funds to close loopholes between border and interior agencies.
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement has long handled immigration matters inside the U.S., while Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol, Air and Marine Operations, and the Office of Field Operations have focused on interactions at ports and boundary lines.
[In Shift, Trump's DHS Is Treating Interior Enforcement As Part Of Its Border Security Mission, by Anna Giaritelli, The Washington Examiner, January 31, 2018]

This is revolutionary and along the lines of the problem with the segregation of immigration enforcement to different components, who then ignored any enforcement issue not directly their responsibility.  Prior to DHS, immigration enforcement in the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) had a local leader, the District Director who had responsibility for all enforcement in his geographic area.  He could direct Border Patrol Agents, Inspectors at Ports-of-Entry, Special Agents, Deportation Officers, and Immigration Examiners, to immediately deal with any enforcement issue that arose.  Currently, separate components are narrowly focused, e.g. investigations, deportation, inspections, and examinations for benefits, and ignore any problem not in their narrow silo of responsibility and refuse to cooperate with or aid other components; USCIS will not help ERO, HSI will not help ERO, ERO won't help the USBP, USBP won't help USCIS, USCIS doesn't want help from USBP, USCIS sabotages HSI investigations, HSI won't accept help from CBP, the list is endless of the lack of cooperation, unity, and backstabbing in the DHS enforcement components.

What is needed is for the enforcement components, including USCIS, need to be combined into one border agency, the Bureau of Border Protection, as described in the Homeland Security Act.  Instead of duplicating training, support, and management layers, one agency with full authority over immigration enforcement needs take the reigns and direct enforcement action as needed by local and national conditions without infighting and bureaucratic battles.

It appears the Trump Administration understands the problem.  There will be resistance, most especially from HSI and USCIS, but with a few strategic firings of the resistors and saboteurs, the others will fall in line.  Time to act.

ICE And USCIS Team Up To Smuggle Aliens To The United States

In a shocking incident, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) teamed up to help aliens from Mexico who are ineligible to obtain visitor's visas come to the United States to visit relatives who are illegal aliens.  And more shockingly, did not use the information obtained to find and arrest those illegal aliens.  Worse yet, One Bill Gill, the former member of the California legislature who openly represented the interests of illegal aliens was the organizer of the scheme, then used the arrival of the relatives to attack borders, the Trump border wall, and immigration enforcement.  This shows that #DeepState saboteurs are working against President Trump in the immigration bureaucracy, much as this correspondent warned sometime ago, and more recently.  [President Trump Will Have Foes In Immigration Bureaucracy—But Also Friends. They Can Help Him Win, by Federale, VDare, April 25, 2016] and [Deep State Operative Thomas Decker And CultMarx Terrorists Move To Protect Criminal Alien Ravi Ragbir, by Federale, VDare, February 10, 2018]

A dream come true unfolded at Los Angeles City Hall as a nonprofit group was able to reunite undocumented immigrant families with their aging relatives in Mexico.
Club Pueblos Unidos de Nayarit has several chapters in Southern California that fundraise for hospitals and send money to loved ones in western Mexico.
On Mother's Day last year, the group hatched a plan to lobby Mexican legislators and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Department to approve a humanitarian visa.
A group of 17 family members, mostly aging parents, were vetted by ICE and Homeland Security for a two-week stay in the Southland.
[Los Angeles-Based Nonprofit Reunites Immigrant Families At City Hall, by Miriam Hernandez, ABC7, February 8, 2018]

Mexican revanchist Gill Cedillo was estatic at conning USCIS and ICE for an anti-Trump event.

The event was hosted at City Hall by City Councilman Gil Cedillo, who pushes for the passage of DACA and immigration reform.
"There is no border, there is no wall that can stop the love of families. We need to recognize that as a country our values are for unity of family," Cedillo said.

Worse yet, ICE and USCIS are planning to expand the alien smuggling operation.

Organizers said that they hope to expand their efforts to other states in Mexico.

The reason this matters is that these aliens brought to the United States to visit their illegal alien relatives were ineligible for visitor's visas, first because they were coming to visit illegal aliens and were presumed to have the same intent, and secondly because of their low incomes were likely to use welfare once they arrived.  So these aliens had to obtain advance parole from USCIS in order to enter.  USCIS is not supposed to be working to aid illegal aliens and their relatives.  And visiting relatives is certainly not a humanitarian issue, especially for alien who are not eligible for a visitor's visa and will likely remain in the United States illegally.

The USCIS District Director for Los Angeles is Donna Campagnolo, who can be reached here and she is one of the most highly paid government employees even back in 2015.  USCIS is a serious problem for the Trump Administration and needs to be tamed. USCIS considers itself above the law and even acts to protect terrorists.

#DeepState Saboteur And Alien Smuggler Donna Campagnolo, The Fat One, Not The Hottie

 And what will most likely happen is that these aliens will never leave, adding to the illegal alien population that ICE is supposed to decrease, not increase.  Furthermore, ICE refused to use the information they obtained to arrest the illegal aliens here.  It appears that ICE in Los Angeles has established its own de facto amnesty for certain illegal aliens.

You can also ask ICE SVU Special Agent-in-Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office Joe Macias why he is adding to the illegal alien population and not arresting the illegal alien relatives.

#DeepState Saboteur And Legacy Customs Special Agent Jose Macias

501 West Ocean Boulevard Suite 7200
Long Beach, CA, 90802-4213
Phone: (562) 624-3800
Fax: (562) 590-9604

Friday, February 9, 2018

#DeepState Operative Thomas Decker And #CultMarx Terrorists Move To Protect Criminal Alien Ravi Ragbir

The radical left has struck against the Trump Administration again.  This time it is not kritarchs releasing illegal aliens and criminal aliens in an effort to thwart deportations, but direct threats of violence to stop deportations.  This time it is #TheResitence in the Deep State and CultMarx People of Color (POC) street thugs teaming up to halt not only the deportation of criminal alien Ravi Ragbir, but doing so to enable Ragbir to the public face of a lawsuit to end all arrests and deportations of illegal aliens.  Over a year ago I observed the ability of the street thugs and Deep State operatives to interfere in the removal of illegal aliens with outstanding orders of removal where there were either no avenues of review or appeal open to the illegal aliens in question.  [Leftist Media And Democrats Prove Trump Can Be Intimidated, by Federale, Federale Blog, March 10, 2017]  It appeared that at some level, either in the White House, at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) headquarters, or within the bureaucracy of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),  CultMarx POC thugs and their allies in the obedient press, could intimidate ICE officers and thwart the enforcement of deportation orders.  And they are successful again.

Criminal alien Ravi Ragbir was scheduled for deportation this Saturday, but the street thugs were having none of that, and began to plan for massive violence at the Javits Federal Building where Ragbir was to report Saturday.

With ICE officials evidently determined to deport Ragbir on Saturday, and hundreds or thousands of Ragbir’s supporters likely to turn out in Lower Manhattan to stop them, the NYPD will once again face the dilemma of how to balance its mandate to preserve order with the city’s commitment not to cooperate in the deportation of New Yorkers.
[NYPD Says It Wasn’t An “Escort” When Police Accompanied Ice To Deport Activist Ravi Ragbir, by Nick Pinto, The Intercept, February 8, 2018]

And instead of responding to the threats with ruthless coercion, someone in ICE immediately surrendered to the radical leftists and Democrats opposed to the Trump Administration policy of deporting criminal aliens.

The feds have agreed to issue a temporary stay of deportation for immigrant-rights activist Ravi Ragbir, it was announced on Friday.
Ragbir has been fighting deportation after he was arrested on Jan. 11 during a routine check-in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement that sparked protests and arrests of nearly 20 people.
[Immigrant-Rights Activist Temporarily Avoids Deportation, by By Priscilla DeGregory, NY Post,  February 9, 2018]

Worse yet, Ragbir and the Treason Bar are filing lawsuits based on a previous ruling in his case where Kritarch Katherine Forrest ruled that illegal aliens can't be arrested or handcuffed and they have a right to say good-bye unencumbered by having to appear for their deportations.  [Kritarchs Attack Deportations, by Federale, Federale Blog, January 29, 2018]  Ragbir and the Treason Bar want no deportations and are looking to kritarchs to create a right not to be deported and be a public illegal alien, just as they created a right to homosexual marriage.  Call this the Anthony Kennedy inspired lawsuit.

Reps for Ragbir — the Trinidad native — also announced that they will be filing a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court on Friday against ICE, Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to permanently stop officials from attempts to deport Ragbir and for relief for other immigrants-rights activists who have also been targeted for deportation.
“Justice was restored today, at least temporarily, as Mr. Ragbir is now able to remain in the United States and free until the court reviews his constitutional claims,” Ragbir’s attorney R. Stanton Jones said.

So, who is the person who lost their nerve, or was looking for an excuse to free Ragbir.  The primary suspect is ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Field Office Director for New York, Thomas Decker.  He's the Deep State saboteur who twice previously cancelled the deportation of Ragbir, giving his CultMarx minions the opportunity to play the press and organize riots.

Deep State Operative Thomas Decker

It is unheard of for the deportation of a criminal alien to be quashed administratively, but Decker is apparently the ally of the criminal alien, and for no apparent reason.  The temporary order of the the Kritarch Forrest halting the deportation of Ragbir had expired and in just one day Ragbir was to be removed.  Why did Decker do this?  Undoubtedly he is a saboteur, much like that other Deep State illegal alien sympathizer David Marin.

We won't know until Decker talks, you can reach him here and ask why he released a criminal alien onto the streets:

New York Field Office
26 Federal Plaza 9th Floor, Suite 9-110
New York, NY, 10278
Phone: (212) 264-4213

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Kritarchs Move Again To End Deportations

Two kritarchs have struck again against the legal process used to deport illegal aliens and criminal aliens.  The two ruled that illegal and criminal aliens have essentially unlimited appeals process, with no decision by a Federal court or immigration courts is binding.  Basically it is not over until the alien winsKritarchs are a growing problem, part of the terrorist #Resistance by Democrats to the lawful election of Donald J. Trump. 

A federal judge has temporarily halted deportation proceedings against Indonesian Christians who are in the U.S. illegally but are seeking to gain legal status, including a man honored for his work helping to rebuild more than 200 homes after Superstorm Sandy. 
The order Friday was issued by U.S. District Judge Esther Salas in Newark in response to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and applies to Indonesians who have orders of removal dating to before 2009.
The order affects roughly 50 people in New Jersey who had identified themselves to Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2009 as part of a program to obtain work authorization and stays of deportation, according to the ACLU and Seth Kaper-Dale, co-pastor of a church where some of the immigrants sought sanctuary.
[Judge Temporarily Halts Deportation Of Indonesian Christians, by David Porter, AP/Fox News, February 3, 2018]

Salas is an affirmative action appointee of Barack Hussein Obama for the District Court after an affirmative action appointment as a Magistrate Judge.

Zaftig Mexican Kritarch Esther Salas

Salas ignored a host of laws governing deportation and asylum cases, including the fact that aliens are required to apply for asylum within a year of entering.  One of the aliens in question entered in 1993 and immediately began working illegally, but is now claiming that immigration laws didn't apply until after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  Something that the low IQ Salas appears to endorse, even though she knows that the illegal aliens in question had their immigration hearings and Federal appeals years ago.

Pangemanan came to the country in 1993 on a tourist visa that was to lapse in five years, he said. His wife came in 1998 during a period of turmoil in Indonesia when Christians were being targeted. They cite that as one reason for not going back.
"A thousand churches were burned to the ground between 1996 and 2003," said Kaper-Dale, of the Highland Park church. "Some islands are safer than others, but it's too simple to say it's safe now."
Pangemanan concedes he didn't know enough about immigration law when he first arrived, and wasn't aware he had one year to apply for asylum. At the time, it didn't seem to matter.
"Nobody asked you, as long as you are a good man, you work hard and help your company, and you pay your taxes," he said. "You're working like everybody else, you don't bother anybody. Then everything changed after Sept. 11."

Apparently the illegal alien Pangemanan knows as much immigration law as Salas, but neither know that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but more striking is that Pangemanan admits that he can safely return to some parts of Indonesia.  So the whole basis for his second round of immigration and Federal court hearings are not even needed, much less allowed by law.

In the next case of kritarchy, another judge thinks because a deportation flight was cancelled in route, illegal alien criminals have a right to stay in the United States.

A federal judge temporarily blocked the government from deporting a group of Somali immigrants who say they were shackled and handcuffed for two days by immigration officials during a failed deportation attempt last month.
In a ruling issued Friday in Miami federal court, U.S. District Judge Darrin Gayles said that the 92 Somali immigrants have the right to reopen their removal orders because they are looking “to apply or re-apply for asylum or withholding of deportation based on changed circumstances arising in the country of nationality or in the country to which deportation has been ordered.”
On Dec. 19, the court held an emergency hearing on the immigrants’ request to temporarily halt their removal. The federal government argued that the court lacked jurisdiction over the case.
[Judge Halts Deportation of Somalis Accusing ICE of Abuse, by Monica Pais, Courthouse News, January 30, 2018]

The kritarch here, Darrin Gayles, thinks that publicity concerning a deportation and crime in a country give a criminal alien the right to a second set of immigration court and Federal court appeals.

The immigrants argue that the international media attention surrounding the botched deportation has made it unsafe for them to return to Somalia because they would be targets of the extremist group Al-Shabaab, which believes that people returning to Somalia after living in Western nations for a long period of time are enemies of their cause...
“Petitioners assert that their immigration circumstances have changed based on the escalation of Al-Shabaab-related violence in Somalia and the government’s failed attempt to repatriate them to Somalia,” the ruling states.

Such reasoning can hardly be called a legal opinion, not surprising given who it is coming from.

Affirmative Action Appointee Darrin Gayles

Appointed by Barack Hussein Obama, Gayles reasoning is clearly just cover for his affinity for fellow blacks rather than adhering to the law.  He of all people should know immigration law better as he was once an Immigration and Naturalization Service attorney.

Time for Congress to act, either by impeachment or removing the authority of Federal courts to hear immigration cases.  Removing immigration cases from the Federal courts needs to be part of the big immigration reform and DACA legislation.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hot Civil War Coming Closer

Criminal alien Ravi Ragbir is in the news again, this time less directly.  This is more about Ragbir's supporters than Ragbir, though Ragbir will certainly gladly participate in the violence to come.  Little noticed by even by Steve Sailer was the violence accompanying the latest arrest of Ragbir that precipitated the discovery of the right to say goodbye and not be handcuffed.  When Ragbir was arrested, a riot broke out and a few members of the New York City Council, among dozens of others, were arrested for attacking police officers who responded to the riot.

Two city councilmen were among nearly 20 people arrested Thursday morning in Lower Manhattan while protesting the detention of an immigrant-rights activist who’s battling deportation, a council staffer said.
Council members Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn) and Ydanis Rodriguez (D-Manhattan) were busted while blocking an ambulance holding Ravi Ragbir on Broadway near City Hall, said Sebastian Maguire, an aide to Councilman Daniel Dromm (D-Queens).
[NYC Councilmen Arrested At Rally For Detained Activist, by By Priscilla DeGregory, Tina Moore, Mackenzie Lowry and Bruce Golding, New York Post, January 11, 2018]

#CrimingWhile Black #CrimingWhile Hispanic Communists Riot

The results of that riot are now in, and several New York Police Department (NYPD) officers have either been disciplined or are under investigation for "cooperating" with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the NYPD has a new policy of allowing such riots to interfere with immigration law enforcement in Gotham.

NYPD officers will not be allowed to voluntarily cooperate with most federal immigration enforcement activities going forward following criticism over officers’ roles in arrests made during a recent protest.
Two city councilmen and 16 others were arrested during a rally after immigration rights activist Ravi Ragbir was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement during a scheduled check-in. Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez accused the NYPD of putting him into a chokehold during his arrest.
The arrests spurred the new guidance, which was issued Wednesday. It says officers can only coordinate with ICE in limited circumstances, including where there is a public safety risk.
“We have been very clear that that our police officers and employees will not be a part of a federal deportation force,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “This new guidance reinforces that clear line.”
Officers were on hand when Ragbir was taken into custody. The NYPD is in the process of interviewing eight officers who were at the scene, NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said during an unrelated press conference Tuesday. One member of the Strategic Response Group was transferred to patrol.
[NYPD Officers Ordered To Limit Cooperation With ICE After Criticism Over Arrests During Ravi Ragbir Protest, by Aliza Chasan, WPIX11, January 31, 2018]

Now, the NYPD had nothing to do with the arrest of Ragbir, as he was arrested inside the Javits Federal Building in Manhattan, not on the street or at his home.  No NYPD officers were involved, and were only in the area because of the usual patrols in Manhattan.  Otherwise, the NYPD Strategic Response Group, which is funded by grants from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS),  and other officers, were assigned to watch for the much anticipated riot, which was previously promised by Ragbir and his supporters after his first incident with ICE where ICE planned to arrest him, but ICE backed off after thousands of rioters showed up to the same Federal Building a year ago.  But those officers were not there for the arrest itself, only for the anticipated riot.

One might claim that the NYPD is not completely cutting off support for ICE in the name of a "public safety risk" as mentioned in the article, but that is just a fig leaf to let ICE know that NYPD will be allowing rioters and terrorists to interfere with future ICE arrests.  This is no exaggeration, this blog has documented numerous attempts by rioters and terrorists to interfere with ICE arrests,  conduct practice runs on assassinations of Trump Administration officials, and threats by State officials to interfere with arrests or kill ICE agents.  And another test of this ongoing intimidation of the Trump Administration and ICE by threats of riots will soon as Ragbir is scheduled to be deported in two weeks.

The rioters and terrorists who support criminal aliens like Ragbir now know that NYPD will not interfere with Ragbir's next arrest.  Plans are undoubtedly being prepared for extreme violence at the Javits Federal Building when Ragbir has to report for deportation, or at his home when he refused to appear voluntarily, and ICE will be forced to go to him. 

Be prepared for blood in the streets, something the Resistance wants badly.  The only issue is whether the Trump Administration will blink or, like with the shutdown and "Americans are Dreamers, too" Trump manages another verbal jiu-jitsu success; Trump can, if he forthrightly blames the violence on the Democrats and the illegal aliens.

Either way, the Hudson River, like the Tiber, will flow red with blood.  Trigger time, baby!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Kritarchs Attack Deportations

Two kritarchs attacked deportations again.  These thugs in robes don't like deportations, so are obstructing outstanding deportation orders with specious claims that the long process of hearings and appeals need to be redone because the illegal aliens were not immediately deported and that any deportation where the illegal alien was arrested and handcuffed was unconstitutional.  Following other thugs in robes, these kritarchs want to establish a dictatorship where they rule the nation.

First, thug in a robe Cormac Carney, a Democrat, sadly appointed to the Federal court by cuckservative Jorge Bush.

A federal judge late on Thursday said President Donald Trump’s administration cannot immediately deport 92 Cambodian citizens from the United States without first allowing them a chance to challenge the action in court.
After arriving in the United States, the Cambodians had been convicted of various criminal charges, and ordered deported years ago. However Cambodia refused to repatriate them, so they were released from immigration custody and many held down jobs until they were re-arrested last year.
[U.S. Judge Blocks Prompt Deportation Of Cambodians, by Dan Levine and Mica Rosenberg, Reuters, January 26, 2018]

Kritarch Carney appears to be confused about why the Cambodians can't be deported, first he claims that the long process initial criminal trial, then immigration hearings, then appeals to the Federal courts was inadequate:

In a ruling on Thursday, U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney in Santa Ana, California federal court ruled that 92 of the Cambodians still in custody could raise “serious questions” about the validity of their underlying convictions and deportation orders.

Then the confused Carney says that the time period to obtain travel documents from the government of Cambodia gave the criminal aliens a right to remain.  Apparently they considered the failure of Jorge Bush and Barack Hussein Obama to get travel documents from the government of Cambodia was a de facto amnesty.

The government said the Cambodians’ request should be rejected because they knew they could be deported at any instant, an argument the judge called insensitive.
“It is disingenuous for the Government to claim that throughout the many years that Petitioners were permitted to live and work on supervised release, they should not have built up any expectation that they would be permitted to remain in the country,” Carney wrote.

So, kritarch Carney was grasping at any straw to justify his interference in the long legal process that included hearings and appeals.

Meddlesome Kritarch Cormac Carney

But that is not the worse case of interference by kritarchs.  Another thug kritarch decided that illegal aliens with outstanding deportation orders cannot be arrested and handcuffed before their deportation; they must be allowed to say goodbye and close down their affairs before they voluntarily turn themselves in for deportation.  As if any will do that, most will do what the Indonesians did after kritarch Patti Saris released them, they realized they would be deported and they absconded or fled to sanctuary churches.  That is the kritarchs plan, obstruct deportations at all costs.

A prominent immigration activist headed for deportation must be released to get his affairs in order, a federal judge ruled Monday.
"There is, and ought to be in this great country, the freedom to say goodbye," Judge Katherine Forrest said in her order freeing Ravi Ragbir from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement custody...
The order says the Constitution demands better than simply placing him in handcuffs and putting him on a plane.
"The Court in fact agrees with the Government that the statutory scheme—when one picks the path through the thicket in the corn maze—allows them to do what was done here," Forrest wrote, using metaphors to explain the winding trails of immigration law. "But there are times when statutory schemes may be implemented in ways that tread on rights that are larger, more fundamental. Rights that define who we are as a country, what we demand of ourselves, and what we have guaranteed to each other: our constitutional rights."
[Judge Tells ICE to Give Immigrant ‘Freedom to Say Goodbye’ Before Deportation, by Katie Zavadski, The Daily Beast, January 29, 2018]

Thug Kritarch Katherine Forrest

This despite the fact that the criminal alien Ragbir has known for 20 years that he would be deported and learned a year ago that the Trump Administration had ended his own special little Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty and he would be deported.

“If I don't have a pardon, I'm facing deportation," he told WNYC last year. "There's a high possibility that I will be picked up and I will be deported, so this affects not only myself but my family, my wife, my daughter, the community that supports me.”

Of course the fault for this lies with the #DeepState saboteurs, like David Marin, in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) who failed to deport Ragbir almost a year ago; they were intimidated by politicians and large crowds.  Between kritarchs and terrorist violence, the radical left plans to stop deportations by extending the right not to be arrested and the right to say goodbye to all illegal aliens, which will effectively end deportations.

But the sudden removal crossed a line.
"But if due process means anything at all, it means that we must look at the totality of circumstances and determine whether we have dealt fairly when we are depriving a person of the most essential aspects of life, liberty, and family," Forrest wrote. "Here, any examination of these circumstances makes clear that the petitioner's personal interest, his interest in due process, required that we not pluck him out of his life without a moment's notice, remove him from his family and community without a moment's notice."
"Taking such a man, and there are many such men and women like him, and subjecting him to what is rightfully understood as no different or better than penal detention, is certainly cruel," she wrote. "We as a country need and must not act so. The Constitution commands better."

The kritarchs are throwing down a marker, they will fight to the end.  The Trump Administration must immediately demand a stay from the appellate court and the Supreme Court.  Kritarchs are sabotaging immigration law enforcement by creating rights not to be deported or to say goodbye, rights not found in the Constitution.  Time to end their reign of terror protecting criminal aliens.