Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Wages Of Sin

Pandering to the utmost, Pepsi tried to buy itself some market share and perhaps some political backing by manipulating its advertising to coincide with Obamessiah worship. However, it did not work.,8599,1882167,00.html The ever hip Obama and his over 55 crowd of Clintong advisors always choose Coke.

Perhaps this is a lesson to the private sector that pandering to politicians won't always work and even buying them is not always a guarentee of the results you want.

Even more important, it is a lesson for Republicans, especially Jud Gregg, that you get nothing from the Obama Regime and Demoncrats, except more pain. Just ask the Chief Mexican in the California Republican Party, Abe Moldanado. He sided with the Demons and now every talk show in California is gunning for him. Good riddance to him and Arlen Spector.

The real lesson is to stand to your princples and fight for what is right.

Impeachment Again

Eric Holder, Attorney General and to whom the head of the DEA reports to, has stated that the DEA will no longer take action against marijuana dealers who claim to be supplying "medical" marijuana. Though the Supreme Court stated unequicably that State laws that allow for the use, sale, and distribution of "medical" marijuana offer no protection from Federal prosecution, Holder has decided not to enforce that Supreme Court ruling. Interesting, the Attorney General will not enforce the law. Wasn't it not too long ago that Holder and Obama were claiming that Bush did not enforce civil rights laws vigorously enough? Or that he allowed torture. Bush just decided not to enforce the laws against torture.

Besides the common nonsense that the left preaches about "medical" marijuana, it does not treat or shrink brain tumors, it does not cure or cause cancer to go into remission, etc. The left's miracle drug is nothing of the sort. "Medical" marijuana dealers are just drug dealers who sometimes do and sometimes don't pay taxes. They sell to children and as well as anyone with a note from an alleged physician, with many physicians providing the notes wholesale. They commonly advertise in the local free newspapers like the San Francisco Bay Guardian, openly stating that all will be approved for use of marijuana.

But, back to the real reason that Holder promulgated this new policy; campaign contributions. These dealers will contribute millions to the Obama reelection campaign.

And, for filthy luchre, Obama and Holder have sold the law enforcement policy of the United States. But, you don't even need that for impeachment.

Baraka Hussein Obama and Eric Holder both took oaths of office, stating that the laws of the United States will faithfully be executed. Well, allowing the open sale of marijuana is a violation of that oath. The left goes on and on about Bush and his responsibility to see that torture is not part of U.S. policy, but they are only hypocrites, since they will argue that not prosecuting drug dealers is within the discression of the Obama Regime. Well then, if it is within their discretion, why isn't it within the discretion of Bush not to refuse to enforce laws against torture?

Can't have it both ways. Nothing in the Constitution that requires one law to be enforced but the other law not.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Big Time

Thanks to Vdare ( and their coorespondent ( Patrick Cleburne, Federale has reached the big time. I hope my posts measure up to the standard of Vdare. Thanks Patrick.

Good Riddence

Ding, Dong, the wicked witch is dead. In many different ways the death of the San Francisco Chroncile is wonderful and enlighting news. From a "sex worker", Violet Blue, who claims to be a computer programer discriminated against because she is a woman, to Debra Saunders, RINO columnist, who supports gay marriage and gun control, the Chron had nothing to offer.

Saunders recently mourned the loss of the Chron and like a good employee, criticized those who are dancing a jig on the grave of the Chron. She claimed that the good reporting the Chron does will be missed, and is able to cite three stories: "Remember the ugly consequences of San Francisco's sanctuary city policy for juvenile offenders, who were sent abroad instead of to jail? Or Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums' failure to tackle crime in Oaktown? Or reports on corporate bonuses for execs at bailed-out banks?"

Of course, only one of those stories was a Chronicle exclusive and the story of the bank executives was not even Chron reporting, but a wire story. Given the Chron's propoganda for homosexuals, illegal immigrants, and affirmative action, I say that one story is not enough to save a newspaper. You have to do better than that.

She also plays the Governator card, claiming that the Chron is criticized from the right and the left, with the criticizms on the left coming from the most extreme leftists, but the regular left and Obama worship crowd are the mainstream at the Chron and even RINO Saunders is an anomality there.

So, like Arlen Spector, the Chron will be of little loss to the country, but then, the Chron was lost, when it ceased being a newspaper and became a propoganda outlet for gays, minorities, and illegal aliens.

And for my case in chief, I present from today's Chron, a propoganda piece for illegals: The reporter, Marisa Lagos, as usual, chosen for her connections to the story, rather than her abilities (The Chron assigns reporters by ethnicity and interest, better to get propoganda rather than facts.), regurgitates the statements of public officials using taxpayer money lobbying for illegals. To wit: "The supervisors, as well as Phil Ting, the city's assessor-recorder, denounced immigration raids and pledged to work on local and national reform to immigration polices. Chiu called the raids 'illegal and unconstitutional.'"

Little Miss Lagos never once questioned the above statement by a public official, just repeating the claim that immigration arrests by the Department of Homeland Security were illegal and unconstitutional. Well, girly, arrests of illegal aliens is both legal, e.g. authorized by federal law, and constitutional, e.g. withing the authority of the federal government under the Constitutional. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly reviewed immigration arrests and their authority under the Constitution and never stated that immigration arrests are unconstitutional.

Such is typical of Chron reporting and no one wonders why they are going bust. But good riddance to bad rubbish. Such is the consequence of your actions.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amnesty By Executive Order, Stroke Of The Pen Law Of The Land

The radical left has run a plan up the flagpole for amnestying illegal aliens by executive order using a couple of commie immigration attorneys as the standard bearers.

Never mind that their goal is the destruction of the United States.

Basically the plan is for the Regime and its minions, Janet "Reno" Napolitano and Eric "White People Don't Have All The Rights Of Americans" Holder to give all illegal aliens parole status then allow them to apply for work and family based adjustment of status/visas, give the applications preliminary approval and then an Employment Authorization Card, order Customs and Border Protection to allow the parolees to travel in and out of the U.S., but not give the illegals "final" approval until it is authorized by Congress. But that will only be a formality, as with work authorization and the ability to travel, the illegals will be legal permanent residents in all but name. Then the Obama Regime will dare Congress to not provide the visa numbers or legal authorization to convert all the paroled illegal aliens to legal permanent residents.

Just remember, it was Paul Begala who gave us the Clintong Regime policy of ignoring the law and making up the law with executive orders. You heard it here first.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Horse Left Barn, FBI Investigating

The FBI, Famous But Incompetant, has discovered that our nation's immigration policy, to wit admitting hundreds of thousands of non-immigrants, immigrants and illegal aliens from radical Muslim countries under various guises, including the visa waiver program for tourists from Islamic hotspots like the UK, is a danger to the United States.

As we used to say in our neighborhood when I was a kid, No Shit Sherlock. How long since 9/11 has it been? They just realized it now? Man, they certainly are on all the timely issues in national security and counterterrorism.

So, what is their solution? More agents, more technology, more, more, more. None of which worked to stop the destruction of the World Trade Center.

In one of those movies with Denzel Washington (Is Denzel a real name?), he plays an FBI agent who coddles some Islamic terrorists while the real job of protecting America is being done by an Army General played by Bruce Willis. (That, is a real name.) Quite accurately his character says that terrorism is commited by a minority of men swimming in a sea of a certain population. Classic counter-insurgency doctrine. Call him the pre-treaus rather than the bey-traus. He rounds up all the like suspects and interns them. Of course, the little commie Denzel gets his black goat up that whitey has done a good thing, and arrests the Willis character, while the family of one of his agents is participating in the Islamic terrorism.

Well, reality has finally settle in and the FBI now realized that our immigration policy is the source for all the ongoing terrorism threats. I guess they finally realized that arresting abortion protestors is not really protecting America. They can leave the jackbooted thuggery to the Secret Service I guess.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Dog That Did Not Bark

One of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous Sherlock Holmes is famous for what did not happen being the clue that solves the mystery. We have all heard about the loving Muslim couple that had a TV channel, Bridges, that purported to bring "moderate" Islam to the West. And we know the founder killed his wife who fronted for his alleged "moderation." However, buried in the story is repeated domestic violence reports from the local police.

Which begs the question, why was Muzzammil Hassan not repeately arrested and, of course, exposed for his lack of moderation? Of course, there is the story, no one in the media want to expose a Muslim. New Yord has a mandatory arrest policy in domestic violence cases and Aasiya Hassan showed all the physical signs of abuse according to friends and neighbors. Why wasn't this man from the Religion of Hate not arrested and prosecuted?

Is this another example of the double standard that the police use dealing with Muslims? One standard for whites and another for the Religion of Hate?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Why Britian Is Lost, Part XXXIV

The British Government, which banned and expelled Gert Wilders, a Dutch member of Parliment, will now welcome a know terrorist, the Ethiopian, Binyam Mohamed.

The British Attorney General, who declared Wilders persona non grata and a threat to peace of Britian refused to ban Mohamed as. Mohammed voluntarily left Britian after a temporary stay to go to Pakistan and Afghanistan for terrorist training. Mohammed is not even a permanent resident of Britian, but was just a temporary visitor.

Why does Britian and the Labor Party so anxious to have Mohammed back? What will he contribute to Britian? He will only bring Britian cost, in money and in lives lost. Why is Britian so obsessed with bringing about its own destruction?

Proof Positive

Thanks to Gateway Pundit ( we now have proof that the harassment and investigation of Chip Harrison, the Oklahoma City resident who was harrassed by the Oklahoma Police Department and the United States Secret Service for an "Abort Obama, not the Unborn" sign was an illegal investigation by the USSS and a civil rights violation. Gateway Pundit was able to obtain photographic evidence of "Abort Bush" signs that were common in the last eight years.

Obviously there is no record of any USSS investigation of those signs, therefore no reasonable law enforcement officer or Secret Service Special Agent could believe that Harrison's sign was evidence of a crime.

The OKCPD officer and the USSS Special Agents are clearly guilty of Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.

The USSS Special Agents are also guilty of violations of Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241 Conspiracy Against Rights, as the two agents, under the direction of at least one of their direct supervisors, and probably more senior level managers as well, conspired to violate Harrision's rights.

The above statues are used to protect individuals in the practice of their constitutional rights from interference by the government. The USSS Special Agents are also liable under the Bivens doctrine, where agents of the federal government are civily liable for their actions regardless of any criminal prosectution, as well as liable under 42 USC 1983 Civil Action for Deprivation of Rights.

Now, Attorney General Eric Holder, swore to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States, as did the United States Attorney for the District of Oklahoma. Are they going to take action? Or will the Ron Horiuchi example be followed?

Where is the Civil Rights Divsion? Missing in action.

I can testify that these agents received the training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA, where new USSS Special Agents receive their initial training and they are instructed in their obligations and liability under the above civil rights laws. When I was there, it was emphasized quite strongly that agents cannot act outside of their authority and cannot violate the civil rights of Americans.

This is just the first action of a lawless Obama Regime. Just wait for their Waco and Ruby Ridge. Harrison is lucky that a USSS SWAT team did not break into his house with guns blazing.

Now some will argue that abortion means killing. Maybe so, but not legally, as an abortion is not a killing or taking of a life, much less an illegal taking of a life. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the unborn are not alive. When a abortion occurs there is never a coroners inquest or autopsy. There is no investigation by a police officer or an investigation by the FBI into a civil rights violation, so any arguement that the sign was threat is nonsense.

Next, even if it said what it meant, or what the radical left thinks it means, then they have to admit they are guilty of the same thing, but there was no investigation when they did it. Therefore, an investigation cannot continue, because it depends on the political views of the subject of the investigation, but that also is illegal. Political prosecutions are illegal.

Some will argue that the stop of Harrison was legal under the Supreme Court doctrine of Terry V. Ohio, where the court said that the police could stop someone if the officer reasonably believed through his training and experience that a crime has been committed, was being committed, or would be committed in the immediate future. However, there was no reasonable evidence that Harrison had either the means rea or ability to "abort Obama." To any reasonable person, the sign was a statement of political beliefs that contrasted Obama's support for infanticide and abortion with his continued status as a living person. It was irony, ridicule, and exposing Obama's and the radical left's hypocracy, not evidence that a crime was, has, or will be committed.

This is the shocking face of the Obama Regime. Arrest first anyone who dares to criticize the Regime.

I would suggest to Harrison that he also complain to the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General, who investigate such civil rights violations by USSS employees.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Torturing Language

Erwin Chemerinsky recently whined that he was criticized by the WSJ. The Dean and Distinguised Professor (huh? He gave himself the title of Distinguished Professor?) claimed that the City of Laguna Beach was criminalizing homelessness. Of course, there is no such law, and the City of Laguna Beach only enforced the laws of the State of California and city ordinances against people who commit crimes, like camping on public property, littering, drinking in public, public drunkenness, drug use, etc. Irrelevant if they are mentally ill, as they don't have a right to ignore the law. Chemerinsky tortures the language in a dishonest way to say that homelessness is criminalized. Well, they chose to be homeless and risk arrest for the crimes that usually accompany those who chose to live on the streets. Chemerinsky also whines that there are very little services for those who chose to be homeless. Well, we don't have to provide them with any "services." If they chose not to have jobs, that is their choice. Who says we have to provide them with the things that they will not work for. And this from the same person who doesn't want those mentally ill homeless to be placed in mental institutions, because they have a right to live their lives their own ways. But not with taxpayer dollars.

And, like most lawyers, he lies blatantly about his new law school, claiming that people of all ideas will be employed there as professors, but that ain't happened yet. And there are no professors or students practicing public interest law not involving leftist causes. Remember, this guy want to protect those who want to destroy America, he is defending numerous Gitmo terrorists. Even though the Supreme Court has repeatedly stated that terrorists may be held, he constantly claims that terrorists maynot be detained until the war is over. And all of this paid for by the California taxpayer.

Ugliest Churches In Christendom

The Wall Street Journal recently had an article praising three churches in California that have the most modern architecuture and, for that matter, don't even look like churches. Besides being ugly and antithetical to purpose of the worship of our Creator, the three churches, St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco, Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, and Oakland's Cathedral of Christ the Light, all diosesean seats for their respective Bishops, they are also dying dioseses with few believing Catholics. The manner in which the "Catholics" of Oakland treated Holy Water when they casually spilled Holy Water while transporting it from various parishes to the new Cathedral.

Worse yet though are the Cardinal, Archbishop, and Bishop, respectively, of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, the San Francisco Archdiocese, and the Oakland Diocese. Some wag once said of Oakland, there is nothing there, there. One can say that of the Dioceses and their leaders. The San Francisco Archbishop has done nothing to stop gay marriage and abortion that is perserved and expanded by the "Catholic" mayor Gayvin Newsome and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Likewise, the Cardinal of Los Angeles has done nothing to stop the various "Catholic" politicians like Mayor of LA Antonio Villaraigosa and the Governor of California Arnold Schwartzenkennedy who are both big supporters of abortion and gay marriage. The Bishop of Oakland is well known for harboring witches and satanists in the Diocese, like Matthew Fox, and others who hide out under his protection. Oakland is, in fact, the center of heresy in the Church, with Holy Names College the center of their witchcraft centered theology.

Ugly churches go with ugly souls. No wonder that Archbishop George H. Niederauer sold one of the most beautiful churches in San Francisco to an art college and gave Holy Communion to two members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indugence dressed in drag.

So It Begins

An Oklahoma man was pulled over by the Oklahoma City Police Department for having a sign on his car that said "Abort Obama, not the unborn." "Abort Obama, not the unborn." The sign was seized without legal authority. The officer said it was a threat. Hmmm, radical Islamists routinely advocate killing Americans and the police do nothing. Worse yet, the U.S. Secret Service intimindated the victim into having his house searched. The SS wanted to know if he was a member of a "hate group." Well, ACORN, Bill Press, and Bill Clinton says conservative talk radio is "hate talk." Will the SS go and arrest Rush Limbaugh for his famous "caller abortions?"

This is the new America, non-criminals are now the focus of the attention of the jackbooted government thugs, while 1 million gang-bangers, many illegal aliens, roam our streets free. The SS has responsibility to enforce laws against wire fraud and credit card fraud. Why are they ignoring that crime, which is rampant, for investigating those who dare to criticize Obama? Why doesn't the SS chase after real criminals, like credit card frausters that it ignores? Sometime ago a writer called this anarcotyranny, where the government ignores real crime and wastes its time attacking white Americans who commit no crimes.

Well, we now have the Obama version. No criticism of Obama is allowed. If you dare, the SS and the police will be on you. Just as the IRS tried to shut down the American Spectator Magazine and the NRA for criticizing Bill Clinton.

Is the SS going to arrest the cartoonist who drew the chimp shot by police? The liberals said it was racist and directed at Obama?

Reverend Al Sharpton said the cartoon was racist, when is the SS going to make an arrest? Racism is hate.

So, when will be the next Ruby Ridge and Waco. Coming sooner than you thought. Watch out before the government thugs shot your dog, kill your wife and son, then burn down your church.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

Unreported in the Obamamedia, a former Pakistani General has been murdered, the only Pakistani General, apparently, who was pro-West. The alleged pro-Western democratic government of Pakistan withdrew his protection detail and he was quickly killed by the ISI and the Taliban.

Jorge Bush, the Hildabeast, and the "Christian" Obama told us the new democratic, yes, it is democratic, especially since it reflects the radical Islamic tendencies of the electorate, government is in our interests. Except that they continue to kill local Christians and anyone who opposes the Taliban and Al Queda. and

So, all of Pakistan is behind radical Islam. It is clear that a nuclear strike is the only option.

What Is Up With Women?

The chimp attack in Conneticut brought out the most important issue for America, but it isn't what you think. Aside from the morons who are "surprised" a wild animal acted like a wild animal, the most pressing issue is the chimp's owner. On an ABC radio hourly news, she expresses her strange behavior with the chimp: she sleeps with it, she feeds it, she buys food for it, she treated it like her son, ad naseaum. Why is an adult woman treating a chimpanzee like a child and a lover? What sickness does she have that she acts as if the chimp is human? Why are western women replacing children with animals? That is the question. As radical Islam uses women to produce huge numbers of children, we are unilaterally disarming in the struggle. The West has a sickness and it is an Obama-like hatred of children. Today's white American woman is more concerned with animals, treating them like children, than the future of our civilization. Some day they will wake up in their mid-sixties and suddenly be the slaves of radical Islam, unable then to own a pet and unable to perform their second obsession, traveling. None of these women will be allowed to leave their houses. See what an obsession with chimps does to you? Michael Savage was right, liberalism is a mental disorder. Sleeping with a chimp is insane.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Al Queda's Front Men

Am liveblogging Homeland Security USA from ABC. On of the vingettes was a Massechuesetts Institute of Technology student who wants to play a game. He wanted to fly without identification. He told the Transporation Security Administration officers that he did not have identification. Hmm, interesting, he lied to a federal officer. Violation of 18 USC 1001 False Statement. Well, he wasn't arrested, goody goody for him. But he admitted that his plan was to fuck with the system. And who is the benefit of his little game? Al Queda, of course. Just like the Council for Islamic American Relations and the lawyers like Erwin Chemirinsky who defend terrorists, his goal was to assist Al Queda in their next terrorist attack. Now, he may no be doing this on purpose, but that is the actual effect. All these little commies in their commie colleges hate America and want to destroy it. This is what separates patriots from the pseudo-conservatives, "moderates", RINOs, and the Demoncrats who want to destroy America. Well, you had your little game. Do you think you created more freedom, or just embarrassed yourself? So you little game will give some terrorist hints and methods to fly without identification. When someone dies, like when Newsweek lied about a flushed Koran, will your consience be bothered? I think not, as you don't have one. You will be one of those who cheered the fall of the towers. I got your number. The problem is that America doesn't and shame on them. They will get what they deserve. The punishment for stupidity.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Instead Of A Real Democrat

The Republican Party has done it; just as the Republicans tried to beat FDR with FDR-lite in the guise of morons like Alf Landon, the Republicans will try and beat Baraka Hussein Obama with a Obama-lite, thought of a darker hew, though still a RINO.

Michael Steele appartently did what blacks generally do, steal something, this time an election, with the corruptocrats from our island empire. The Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam are corrupt hothouses, much like St Louis, Chicago, and Detroit. And those corrupt hothouses of color gave us the Steele(n) election. Apparently people of color are the future of America and we now know that they won't vote Republican, event the immigrants who pay taxes, so now we have a Republican leader who will do a John McCain and loose the next set of elections for us.

Oh, and by the way, Hugh Hewitt supported him.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Comrade Hewitt's Favorite Law School Dean

The state of California is wasting hundreds of millions of dollars opening a communist run law school in the University of California system. The Kosmol activists will be getting free tuition as well. It is run by the former Dean of the Duke University Law School, who's instructors actively participated in the persecution of three white students on the Duke Lacrosse team over false allegations of a non-rape of a black prostitute. When the new dean of UC Irvine Law School was announce, Erwin Chemerinsky, even Arnold Schwartzenegger, the RINO Republican, thought it went too far, as Chemerinsky is also the attorney of record for several Al-Queda terrorists held in Gitmo. Now the taxpayers of California are subsidizing a lawsuit against the City of Laguna Beach for having the temerity to arrest homeless people when they commit crimes. Chemerinsky is also a weekly guest on the RINO Republican Hugh Hewitt's radio show. Hewitt calls Chemerinsky one of the "smart guys", one of two law school deans who appear on his show. Chemerinsky is a hack and a reflexive leftist, entirely predictable who claims any leftist policy is constitutional regardless of facts. He even blatantly lies when challenged on facts, recently claiming that an order by leftist judges to release prisoners in California was not based on the demand by those same judges to spend $8 billion on yoga centers and other non-medical procedures because of alleged failure of California to provide medical servcies to prisoners. Apparently prisonsers aren't living long enough during their life sentences for Chemerinsky. Aside from that, it appears that taxpayers are subsidizing his legal recreation and ideology unrelated to any duties as Dean of a state law school. And who has refused to expose Chemerinsky? Hewitt of course. Hewitt appears to accept any behavior by attorneys because they are "smart guys." Taxpayers be damned. I guess Hewitt is the Arlen Spector of talk radio. He and his friend will cost America lives and the taxpayers of California millions.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Henrietta Hughes Is A Welfare Cheat

Henrietta Hughes is a welfare cheat. She is on Social Security Supplemental Security Income and makes $800.00 a month. She and her lazy son who refuses to work refused housing assistance consisting of an apartment that costed $400.00 a month. What a lazy bitch. She claimed that if she got an apartment at $400.00 a month she could not aford her car insurance payments. So, she prefered to live in a car than in an apartment and demanded that she get a free house from the taxpayers under the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Section 8 housing program. (h/t Drudge

As I said before SSI disability is the new welfare program for the lazy and indolent, mostly minorities. And just how did Herietta afford such nice clothes when she demanded a new kitchen from the Obama Regime? A grifter, plain and simple.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Octomom Not Feeling The Love

But she certainly is feeling the heat as she is on the run, in hiding with six of fourteen, with a security detail, and paying for it will food stamps I guess. (h/t Hot Air ) The octomom is not getting warm and fuzzies from the taxpayers who support her lifestyle and has claimed threats forced her into hiding with a security detail (Blackwater?).

I wonder if she is reporting her income from the donations on her website? Is anyone at Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Welfare Fraud Unit (investigates welfare fraud), the Department of Agriculture Office of Inspector General (investigates food stamp fraud), and the Social Security Administration Office of Inspector General (investigates SSI fraud) aware that she has some significant income from "donations?"

In the old days we tarred and feathered tax cheaters like her. I hope they smoke her out.

Octomom On Welfare As Well

More news has leaked out on the Octomom. She was on the new welfare program, Social Security Supplemental Security Income disability payments while she was raising her first six kids. She claimed an injury from her job at a mental hospital (boy is that telling) and got on disability. While on disability she used $100,000 in taxpayer monies to get the fertility treatments for her next eight kids. As I discussed previously, SSI disability is the new welfare program to replace AFDC. Of course, food stamps remain, and she is pulling down lots of those and will be getting more. Of course, she says it isn't welfare and she will be able to raise here kids without "welfare" once she finds a job, something that she is not looking for at the moment. However, while she is at work, who will take care of the kids? Will she give up the disability payments for the fake disabilities that she claims three of her children have? Will she give up the food stamps? This is the typical Demoncrat, lazy, demanding, uncaring other than for herself, living on welfare. Well, thanks to some idiots in Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania, that is what you are going to get for at least the next two years.

Horrible Hate Crime, MSM Unmoved

Black thugs attacked a lone white bicyclist in Kalamazoo, MI yesterday and nothing happened. No arrests, no Civil Rights Division trial attorneys parachuting in, no Reverend Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson, no comments from Baraka Hussein Obama, no editorials from the NYT or any Michigan newspapers, especially the Detroit Hamasistan Press, no pronoucements from Chuckie Schumer, just an overwhelming silence from the MSM.

I saw a small blurb from the San Francisco Chronicle that was only a few sentences, but obviously did not mention the race of the perpetrators. That caused me to search for more information from the internet where I discovered that the race of the perpetrators was several paragraphs into the story. Compare this to the shooting of a black criminal thug by a white police officer in Oakland, CA. The story was front page and conspicuously mentioned that the police officer was white and the thug black. My, what a double standard. There is no evidence that the Oakland shooting was racially motivated, but it is obvious that the Kalamazoo beating and attempted murder was racially motivated.

Just more of the evidence that white Americans are second class citizens in their own country.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Liberal Hypocracy

Usually liberals complain when illegal aliens are detain in jails with other criminals. They whine that the offense of entering the U.S. illegally "is their only offense" or that entering illegally is not even a crime.

But, as Obamessiah appointments fall under the bus, the arguement that illegal aliens should not be detained with criminals also goes thump-thump-thump as the wheels of the bus turn, turn, turn.

Now it is BAD to separate illegals from their criminal bretheren in the jails. Poor Sheriff Joe. He was only acceding to their demands, when their demands changed in one fell swoop.

Now, Oceania is at war with EastAsia. Eurasia was always Oceania's ally. Hope and change, lots of change when it is convient.

Look What Happened To The Unitary Executive

When Jorge Bush was President, the left hated the Unitary Executive, the only Constitutional interpretation of the powers of the President. Of course the leftards said that the Unitary Executive was facism and dictatorship, but it was just the fact that the Constitution gives all executive powers to the President and the idiocies like the Civil Rights Commission have no authority separate and not controlled by the President, either through directing policy or replacing personnel when they refuse to follow his policy.

It was especially prominent with regards to the Justice Department and the Civil Rights Division. Basically the communist bureaucrats who ran the CRD thought that they answered to no one and developed policy and action on their own. They got clipped a little under Jorge, but only a little. And the commie talking heads in Congress said that the Attorney General was independent from Presidential direction.

However, the wheels of the Obamessiah bus go round and round, and like Tiny Tommy Daschle, the disunified executive has hit the road or been ground down under the wheels of the Obamessiah bus.

The unitary executive is back and the left is worried; worried about who is running Club Gitmo. Like Stalin and his sycophants, personnel is policy, and they change quite frequently as the disunified executive has been airbrushed out of history and now it is the power and the responsibility of the Al President Baraka Hussein Obama to direct the whole executive, regardless of the law, especially the law that created the military commissions that used to operate in Club Gitmo until Al President Baraka Hussein Obama decided that he would not follow the law.

Funny, the left was telling us that Bush was acting unlawfully by creating the first commissions by executive order, but was slapped down by the Supremes, then Congress legislatively created new military commissions as required by the Supremes.

Now it appears that the President can shut them down at any time, for any reason. Hhhmm, can anyone say Executive Fiat, and I don't mean fix it again Tony.

Impeachment anyone? Is the Military Commissions Act being faithfully executed? Kinda like the McCarran Act under Governor Peanut.

The New Welfare Queens, Same As The Old Welfare Queens

The radical left hated Ronaldus Maximus for his use of the term "Welfare Queen" when he exposed the layabouts who lived their lives on welfare. Supposedly this changed with welfare reform, but welfare has been replaced by Social Security Supplemental Security Income disability payments for most of the lazy welfare crowd, mainly women, so the term Welfare Queen certainly fits. To prove the point, Patterico has exposed the Octuplet mom as a typical immigrant welfare queen of color. Like most welfare recipients, she denied she was on welfare, but food stamps and, to the point, disability payments from the Social Security Administration are the new welfare program, replacing the old welfare program of a lifetime on Aid To Families With Dependant Children, AFDC. Likewise, the Octomom thinks this is all fine and dandy, that we owe her the easy life a useless Masters degree in counseling. And, it appears the bill to taxpayers is $2,900.00 a month before the new kids showed up.,0,1790195.story

So, can anyone explain why we are subsidizing singlemotherhood? Recreational babymaking? How did she pay for this fertility treatment without any income? Her disability payments for the children are to support them, not her recreational needs.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking Citizenship Seriously

It appears that the government is taking citizenship seriously, but, unfortuneatly it is not the United States Government.

It appears that a Taiwanese legislator Lee Ching-An was illegally elected to city councils and the Taiwanese national legislature because he had dual citizenship. While dual citizenship is an oxymoron as one cannot have two masters, at least in Taiwan they don't let dual citizens in elected office. Interestingly enough, naturalized citizens in Mexico cannot hold any elective or executive office at any level.

"Last Friday, the Central Elections Commission revoked its declaration of Lee's election as a member of the seventh Taipei City Council and of the fourth, fifth and sixth Legislative Yuans and annulled all relevant election certificates she received from 1994 to 2005, after determining that she held U.S. citizenship during that period.
The CEC action did not cover her election to the seventh Legislative Yuan in 2008, a post she resigned amid mounting public pressure on Jan. 8, 2009, nearly one year after it was discovered that she had never formally relinquished her U.S. citizenship.
Taiwan's Nationality Act requires those holding dual citizenship to surrender their foreign citizenship before assuming public office."

Glad to see that someone is serious about loyalty and citizenship. Shall we start with the first alien president?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rush Was Correct

Along time ago during the height of the Clintong madness, Rush Limbaugh observed that the the stupid women who liked Clinton, despite his cheating, thought he was their surrogate provider, or even their new boyfriend/husband, replacing what they considered their current boring husband.

Well, has provided us with the latest Clintong parallel with the Obama Regime. Obama is now the new boyfriend. (I prefer to link the article through Vdare, as I don't want to give the NYT anymore traffic than it deserves.) Rush also exposed the reporterette who offered to give Clintong a blow job for keeping abortion legal. What will they offer the Obamessiah?

How little have things changed from the Clintongs and the Obama Regime; from alleged heterosexuals like Chris Matthews offering up blowjobs to Obama to Obama being the imaginary boyfriend of crazed liberal women. They must leave pathetic lives to fanticize about the scrawny Obama. At least men have real sexual fantacies, give me Jenna Jamison any day over Maggie Thatcher. But then I vote base on facts and policy, not homoeroticizm as with Matthews.

But, in the end this is a serious issue, not just because morons are allowed to vote, but about the left in general and their emotionalism. Just as homosexuals and feminists engage in their sexual fantacies not only in the public domain, but make public policy based on their sexual fantacies; as in their support for radical Islam. Both groups have domination fantasies about being raped by Arab men, being dominated and whipped for misbehavior, and generally being abused by a third world man. There is nothing happier than a feminist in a burka, pregnant and abused.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hire More Foreigners

Well, the banks that are going belly-up and the Texas Department of Correction apparently can't find American employees during the middle of the worst recession in American history. and (h/ts to American Patrol and Debbie Schlussel

Interestingly Texas DOC is notorious for low pay and many of the banking jobs were both high pay and low pay, including entry level jobs. But worst of all is Texas DOC which apparently lets its non-immigrant workers carry, train with, and use firearms, which is illegal. Non-immigrants cannot own or possess firearms in the U.S. with certain exceptions such as hunting and competition. But they are not allowed to possess or use for other purposes.

But given that millions are unemployed, why are we importing workers in any category? There are millions of Americans who meet the qualifications for those hundreds of thousands of jobs that are given to foreigners each year. Amazingly, Universities and non-profits are the worst offenders, hiring many more foreigners than any other for profit business.

Since Nancy of the Smiling Eyes says 500 million Americans are put out of work each month, why are there any jobs for foreigners?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Liberal Myth Crashes And Burns

Finally the myth of the Rampart scandal is dead an buried.,0,1938456.story (h/t Patterico In the usual standard of liberal lies, they claimed that racist white police officers were framing poor minority innocents. But, in fact, it was a few Mexican gangbangers that were semi-framed by a few police officers of color. Wild allegations against the LAPD's gang taskforce resulted in its abolition and a subsequent increase in gangbanger crime, interestingly crime directed by Mexican and other third world immigrants against black residents of LA. As usual the wider attack against the LAPD and its white officers were outright lies and those officers persecuted were awarded a cool $20 million. Thanks Warren Christopher, any comment on all the dead Americans caused by your lies?

Thug Life Continued

Jack Dunphy has another great post on the Web pointing out that there no evidence for murder in the accidental shooting of thug Oscar Grant.

And, of course, after he was granted bail,, his thug friends decided to shut down Oakland. Gee, how did that help anything? Has it helped the lazy welfare recipients in Oakland find jobs? Stopped any of the record number of murders of black men by other black men in Oakland? Why is that liberals protest when a white cop kills one black man, but are quiessent when dozens of black men are killed over drugs by other black men? Riddle me that Batman.

Mamaberga Matt Lauer

Was just brieflywatching the Super Bowl and NBC had an advertisement for the upcoming interview of the Obamessiah. The ad read that Matt Lauer was interviewing the Obamessiah who had the homefield advantage. I guess NBC is trying to imply that the Obamessiah will be getting some competition or tough questions. I don't think so. Given NBC's reputation with Chris "My D**k Is Hard For Obama" Matthews, any tough questions are unlikely. It will be a lovefest, like Pravda or Isvestia under the Reds, just that the Obamessiah is the new Party Chairman. So much for the skeptical press. The end of democracy. It was an interesting run.